BEA online research seminar – Nicholas Kozeniauskas

We are pleased to invite you to the next Baltic Economic Association Online Research Seminars and are delighted to welcome Nicholas Kozeniauskas (Bank of Portugal and Católica-Lisbon). Nicholas is a Research Economist at the Bank of Portugal and a member of the Business and Economics Research Unit at Católica-Lisbon. He holds a PhD in Economics from New York University and undergraduate degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of Melbourne. His research is in macroeconomics and international trade, and focuses on the importance of firms for understanding aggregate outcomes. He has worked on topics including the origins of uncertainty, long run trends in entrepreneurship, exporter dynamics and the gains from international trade.  His papers have been published in the Journal of Monetary Economics and European Economic Review.

Speaker: Nicholas Kozeniauskas (Bank of Portugal and Católica-Lisbon). 

More about the speaker:

Title: Demand Learning, Customer Capital, and Exporter Dynamics (with Spencer Lyon)

Date: Thursday, October 13

Time: 16:00 Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn

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