Baltic Central Banks’ Invited Lecture Series

Baltic Central Banks’ Invited Lecture Series (BCBILS) is a joint initiative of the central banks of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that is intended to strengthen academic cooperation between universities and central banks in the Baltic countries and to improve the quality of economic research in our region by inviting leading researchers to give lectures on their research topics.

The event combines a short training course given by a renowned economist and a seminar where participants present their studies on related topics. The main target group of the lectures and the seminar is researchers, both at policy institutions and universities, and advanced-level PhD students. It is possible to attend both the training course and the seminar together, or to attend only the seminar. There is no registration fee.

In 2023, the 1st Baltic Central Banks’ Invited Lecture Series was held by Prof. Elhanan Helpman.

The BCBILS training course in 2024 was held by the well-known macroeconomist Ricardo Reis.