BCBILS in 2024

Baltic Central Banks’ Invited Lecture Series (BCBILS) in 2024 was held on 9-11 April 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia

The event combined a short training course given by a renowned economist and a seminar where participants presented their studies on related topics.

Ricardo Reis and participants of BCBILS 2024

In 2024, the BCBILS training course was held by the well-known macroeconomist Ricardo Reis, an A.W. Phillips Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. He has published widely on macroeconomics, covering monetary and fiscal policy, inflation and business cycles. The topic of the training course was “How do central banks control inflation? Theory and applications to the recent inflation disaster”. The course was structured around the research paper How do central banks control inflation? A guide for the perplexed by Laura Castillo-Martinez (Duke University) and Ricardo Reis (LSE).