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We are pleased to invite you to the next BEA’s Online Research Seminars and are pleased to welcome Agne Kajackaite (WZB Berlin Social Science Center). Dr. Agne Kajackaite is a behavioral economist and head of research group”Ethics and Behavioral Economics” at the Berlin Social Science Center. She has received her PhD from the University of Cologne and before joining the Berlin Social Center in 2017 she was a PostDoc at the University of
Southern California in Los Angeles. In her research she aims to understand
unethical behavior, particularly lying behavior, by conducting economic
lab experiments. Further topics in her research are cognitive performance,
gender, incentives, risk preferences, and ignorance. She has published papers in journals such as the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, PLOS ONE and Games and Economic Behavior.

More about the speaker: 

Speaker: Agne Kajackaite (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)

Title: Lying for Image

Abstract: The extensive literature on lying in economics has focused nearly
exclusively on lying for monetary rewards. However, in everyday
interactions, lying to gain a social image benefit – to appear to be
better than one is – is ubiquitous, and perhaps even more common than
lying to gain a material advantage. In this paper, we introduce three
novel lab and online experiments to study lying for social image. We show
that social image is a strong driver of lying behavior. In addition, we
show that people are not willing to lie for money, if the lie could hurt
their social image. In particular, the majority of Democrats would rather
leave the experiment empty-handed than state that they preferred Trump
over Obama.

Date: Thursday, January 21

Time: 16:00 Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn

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